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Your feedback made a difference

Insightful feedback can make good work great. It’s a fundamental truth of creativity.

Recently, an excellent Creative Director told me: ‘I’ve checked your portfolio, I can’t quite see what your writing style is’. This wasn’t the feedback I’d hoped for. He was someone I wanted to impress and work with. But, he had a point. 

Craft Copywriting is still very young. My Nike work is a few years old, my Apple work is blanketed by an NDA and work for my current clients is still a little way from being ready to go out into the world.

So I needed to go beyond the portfolio. I needed another way to promote myself, my writing style, and my new business. 

From today, I'm posting original content three times a week: Blackout Poetry Mondays, Six-Word Story Wednesdays, and Haiku Fridays. This is not advertising work, just content to help highlight my writing style, and what Craft Copywriting could do for you, or your client.

If you like the idea, and the content, please share it. If you think it's not quite right, feel free to give feedback. It’s a gift.

Blackout Poetry is credited to the talented Austin Kleon. Find his work here. Six-Word Stories, were of course, popularised by Ernest Hemingway with the fantastic 'For sale: baby shoes, never worn.' Haikus also pre-date both me, and Craft Copywriting, by some way. 

I’m publishing today’s content on LinkedIn, and on my twitter feed. But because I don't want to clog up anyone’s LinkedIn feed, from Wednesday, I’ll just stick to twitter. So please follow me there. I'll also collect all the content right here. So you can take a look as it all builds up. It might also give me a chance to give a little context, share some offcuts and maybe spark some discussions. We'll see.

Hope you enjoy it.

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